Economy Immediate Dentures

What are Economy  Immediate Dentures?

Popularly known as temporary dentures, economy immediate dentures are placed on the same day after tooth extraction. According to the American School of Prosthodontists, around 36 million Americans suffer from missing teeth. However, this number is projected to rise as patients getting tooth extraction are increasing from day to day. If you need a tooth extraction treatment and concerned about staying without a tooth as you wait for conventional dentures, immediate dentures treatment act as a good option.

What Are Economy Immediate Dentures Treatment Necessary?

Most of our patients consider immediate dentures to have a full smile immediately after the tooth extraction process. This procedure also acts as a Band-Aid to reduce bleeding and protect the tissues. This procedure allows you to establish your speech early after the massive teeth extraction process. Economy immediate denture minimizes facial distortion that occurs when teeth are removed.

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Who is a Good Candidate for Economy Immediate Dentures Treatment Procedure?

If you need one or more teeth removed and you want to maintain a seamless smile, getting an immediate denture after extraction is the best procedure for you. At Bastrop Denture Implant Center, we recommend you consult your dentist to review the best treatment options. The dentist can determine the best recommendation depending on your situation. Besides, if you have lost all teeth in an accident, immediate dentures can save the day for you.

What is the procedure of the Economy Immediate Denture Treatment Procedure?

This procedure may take several visits. During the first visit, the dentist makes an impression of the existing tooth before extraction to create an accurate duplicate of an immediate denture. At extraction appointment, your dentist will numb the gum in which the tooth is to be removed. Then, he or she will clean and dry it. The dentist will use extraction tools to extract your tooth. After extraction, the dentist will insert immediate dentures creating a natural look. Dr. Gregory Kon advises prospective patients to take postoperative instructions.
There you have comprehensive information about the economy immediate dentures.

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