Cast Partials

What is a Cast Partial??

A cast partial is a type of denture that is used to replace missing teeth. The base of the partial is metal and the teeth and gum areas of the denture are made of acrylic. At the Bastrop Denture & Implant Center, we are able to quickly and easily make a cast partial that will fit you perfectly. The partial will look and feel comfortable and natural for many years to come.

Why would a Cast Partial be needed?

The reason you’d need a cast partial is because you’re missing a lot of your own natural teeth. Rather than have multiple bridges placed, which can compromise your remaining teeth, we’ll fit you for a partial. The denture will actually snap onto your existing teeth to stay firmly in place. This will help in terms of improving your appearance and oral functioning.

They make you feel like you are the most important person in the world. The way they cater to you and make sure you are comfortable and happy! I have never met such nice people.
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Who is a candidate for a Cast Partial?

Our doctors will thoroughly evaluate your current smile. Your remaining teeth should be healthy enough that they do not need to be removed. Partial dentures are great for patients of all different ages. They are custom designed to be as comfortable as possible for our patients.

What happens during the process to make a Cast Partial

First, we’ll take impressions of your teeth and use these to make the actual partial. The cast partial is made and you’ll come back in to have it fitted. We can adjust the fit of the denture as needed and work to improve how it fits. We will then give you instructions on how you can take care of the new denture while at home. You will love the fact that your new partial denture is comfortable and easy to wear. Most of these appliances can last for about seven to eight years, though this will vary depending on the amount of wear that the appliance is going to receive each day.

If you think you need a cast partial, call us today and we will be more than happy to further assist you.

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